If you have ever fallen, the injured muscle may have healed “crooked.” This gentle, clothes-on therapy is a VERY light touch (almost as if he’s not doing anything!) I’m a sensitive, and I noticed right away as the tendons were gently put in their place. The next two days – I was in pain (well worth it!) because by day three, I was waking up with 0 pain! For four years, I have been working through an injury, and that was the first night not waking up in pain in 4 years!!! That was after only ONE session. I’m going back again this week! Justin does say, not everyone is as sensitive as I am.

I have seen dozens of massage therapists, cranial sacral therapists, and I am VERY very particular. As a psychic, I rely on my guidance to even have a session with someone. I knew the moment I had read the first post – that Justin was exactly what I had been looking for! Thank you for being part of the community, Justin, so I could find you in New York!

I give my highest recommendation to Justin, and Muscle Release Therapy. It’s a God-send.

– Maureen G.

I have had the privilege of knowing Justin for 2 years,while attending massage school together. While attending school I was fortunate enough to be Justin’s pathology patient. I was extremely interested in being his patient because I have never heard of Muscle Release Therapy and was encouraged to experience such a new technique. I suffer from several issues from herniated disc, meniscus and deterioration in my knee, TMJ, and carpal tunnel syndrome. I have tried several methods to help relieve my pain from chiropractic, active release therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and even cortisone shots.

Unfortunately, none of them gave me relief until I started therapy with Justin. From the moment he placed his hands and began treatment on me I felt release in my muscle tightness. I was truly amazed. Every week I couldn’t wait to get a treatment. I considered myself extremely fortunate to be his pathology patient. I was back in the gym, running, riding a bike, and roller blading. I feel so strongly about Justin’s technique and relief that I honestly can’t stop raving about him to all that will listen. I will continue to be a lifelong patient of Justin’s for any pains my body may go through. I believe in him and I know he will flourish in all his future endeavors.

– Stacey M.

Muscle Release Therapy was completely new & a total God-send for me! Justin did a phenomenal job of bringing my mobility & alignment back- and in such a gentle way! I am truly grateful & highly recommend his services to anyone experiencing severe, chronic pain. I was in awe of the results and I am sure you will be too!

– Diana F.

“Remarkable.  The damn thing actually works!”

–  Richard D.